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WoWScratch.txt copy

WoWScratch.txt on my Dropbox:

Ah blissful silence - my new fave addon (WaterElemental Sound Remover) stops the headache-causing water elemental noise. ;-p

Ah, that will be windoze for you.
Oops - did I say that out aloud?
Oops my ex-windoze–programmer-that-now-only-uses-mac panties were showing.

It is so hot and humid that it feels like there is no air. Mix that with the MS/MonSter's heat-related-symptoms & I'm useless.


Looking for a level 25 guild of adult, mature English speakers that have rules against discrimination and hate-speech in /g or /w. I am mostly nocturnal but also play randomly at any time of the day as well.

Doing mail and dailies. Jadieh (Dragonblight) LFG Sunwell for bow for mogging (Twins).

Splitting headache from the heat (32ºC at my desk).

Doing mail, dailies and levelling. Jadieh (Dragonblight) LFG BT and/or Sunwell for bows (Illidan / Twins).

Looking for someone to unlock my [Ghost Iron Lockbox] - I am in IF.

Looking for someone to unlock my [Ghost Iron Lockbox] - I am at the Shrine of Seven Stars.


"Shortly before the release of Cataclysm a patch will be released in which PowerPC processor based Macs will no longer be supported. This update indicates the removal of PowerPC support from World of Warcraft. Attempting to run the game after the update will bring up a message stating the hardware is no longer supported, and the game will not run."

So, wait, Blizzard are telling me that I have to buy a new Apple Mac otherwise I will have to stop playing WoW even if I do not buy Cataclysm?! Way to lose customers that can afford Cata and a monthly fee but have no way of funding a purchase like a new Intel Mac.


At that point I will no longer be able to play WoW even if I do not buy Cata. Unless I can steal hubby's intel-iMac-with-weird-blown-pixels-in-stripes-on-the-screen and cope with the headaches that using that screen causes.

This makes me not want to bother playing at all NOW and getting any progress on my 3 x 80 toons. Why even bother levelling the other toons to 80, either? Heh.

Maybe we will win the lottery. Buying me a new mac with a decent gaming video card is SO not likely to be possible otherwise and hubby hates having to support a peecee/windoze box.


Also posted on our guild forums.


WoW Wishes

I wish we could hide our huge stupid looking shoulder armour not just cloak and helm.

I also wish that there was a visual indication when on "random dungeon cooldown" without opening the Dungeon Finder, clicking Find Group and getting the error message. There used to be a debuff which was much more useful/intuitive/visible.

Yeah, nothing to see here. Scroll on past the wishes about fishes and pixels.
It pisses me off that I am having to add posts to all of my LJ accounts and communities because otherwise they will be deleted/purged/whatever.

My WoW progress lately

Last night we (the guild, World Conquest Order or WCO) did a Naxxramus (Naxx) run (10 man, Dragonblight, WotLK (not plaguelands!) and not all of it) and then did the daily heroic which was the Culling of Stratholme (CoS) - which I have never done - I have never done any of the instances in the Cavern of Time (CoT), on any toon! Jadieh has ridden around the CoT and shopped in the shops there (a pattern, maybe? She is a LW) but that is it.

I have also discovered that I am okay doing intense runs like Naxx when I am healthy enough (but dreading Ulduar, to be honest) but I prefer 5 man relaxed party runs like the CoS run. Then again, it does help to have someone running the group on voice chat (vent in this case - always MUCH better sound quality and volume than TS - it is just a pity that we cannot get vent to run for more than 8 users). Carlingcold lead the way with his DK tank and, despite a few wipes, it was a fun run with some nice drops and a load of laughs.

WoW is just a game, after all and, while there are nice drops from instances/raids like Naxx and Uld, I might personally be better off sticking to the heroics and other 5 man instances. I prefer to have fun chatting on vent while playing and even wiping than getting stressed out about letting people down in a raid instance. Yeah, I know, it is still only a game, but I was brought up (subconsciously and not intentionally, maybe) that everything is my fault and that I must never let anyone down…

Anyway - if you go to eu.wowarmory.com and search for EU, Dragonblight, Anaryl you can see how she is doing kit-wise. You can also see her kit/spec on wow-heroes.

Later last night / this morning and before the 2 am dailies reset time (3 am server time), I did a few more dailies and actually reached the 25/25 dailies done within one day for the first time! I still think that this should be an achievement. After that I continued to grind Kurenai rep in Nagrand, Outland by killing ogres (10 rep per kill) and handing in Obsidian Warbeads (500 rep per 10) and finally hit Exalted (with attendant achievement) and then splashed out on the 8 Talbuk mounts and tabard that become available at that rep.

Now I want to find as many flying mounts to earn/buy as I can (I am after the mount and pet achievements). I hear there is one in Zangamarsh - a hippogryph which is something I have always wanted! I'd also like to get as many of the Classic and Burning Crusade instance achievements as I can but that means roping guildies into runs or playing in the nasty icky PUG sandbox…


Welcome to my (new) WoW blog

I used to blog my WoW-lives over at jadieh, so called because Jadieh is the name of my first level 60 (back before you could level to 70). I am trying to work out how to move all of the entries from that community to this one but, until then, feel free to go read over there (it all starts here)!

Copied from this community's userinfo:


This community is to take the place of the jadieh community now that I play World of Warcraft on more than on server. Jadieh is my main main (a level 66 Night Elf Hunter at time of writing) and exists on Dragonblight, UK.

Recently I have mostly been playing on Bloodhoof, UK with a group of players that I met on Ravelry through the WoW Knitters & Crocheters group there. We have two guilds - one on Alliance and one on Horde.

I mostly play Alliance characters but also have a few Horde alts. I seem to be most comfortable playing a Night Elf or Blood Elf.

Another place that you might find useful is a community that I set up for a guild that I ran in the past, vwam. The userinfo for that community as well as this <VWAM> post provide a lot of really useful WoW playing advice, addon and directory links.

I use a community for things like this so that I don't have to log out of LJ and log into another account to update a second account. This way I can post as natf in this community.



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