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natalief_in_wow's Journal

The adventures of natalief in World of Warcraft
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To replace <lj user="jadieh"> now that I lpay WoW on more than one server.
This community is to take the place of the jadieh community now that I play World of Warcraft on more than on server. Jadieh is one of my three (so far) level 80 toons (a level 80 Night Elf Hunter at time of writing, DsLW/skinner) and exists on Dragonblight, UK.
I also have Anaryl (80 dps-only DK and JC/miner) and Lyrana (80 priest both dps & healing, Ench/weeder).

In the past I have been playing on Bloodhoof, UK as well with a group of players that I met on Ravelry through the WoW Knitters & Crocheters group there. We have two guilds - one on Alliance and one on Horde - but I mainly stay on Dragonblight with my 3 x 80s these days.

I mostly play Alliance characters but also have a few Horde alts. I seem to most enjoy playing a Night Elf or Blood Elf.